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Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Civil engineering deals with the study of design, construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, etc. Civil engineers are responsible for designing the layouts and estimating the cost calculations for the project. They supervise the whole construction process and guide the workers for attaining the desired design for the building or any other structure. If you are an engineering graduate appearing for the personal interview for the engineering job, employer will hire you after a lengthy discussion about the field and when he is convinced about your suitability for the position. During this interview, interviewer will ask you numerous questions related to your field. Interview is generally the last step of the recruitment process and coming till here, you don’t want to lose the chance to grab the job opportunity. You can prepare yourself before appearing for the interview. Refer the sample  civil engineering interview questions and know the answers to these questions. Such initial preparation will definitely help you in clearing the job interview.


Civil Engineering Interview Questions


What are the main reasons of building collapse?

There are several reasons for building collapse. Passage of time is the main reason. Also, weak foundations, natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., are the major reasons for building collapse. Bombing and destruction is also another major reason.


State the applications of modulus of elasticity.

Modulus of elasticity is related to the flexibility of the material. The value of modulus of elasticity is pretty important in case of deflection of different materials used in building construction.  


How are the freeway bridges built?

The traffic that is likely to go over the bridge at a time is estimated and the cement, rocked with rebar stanchions is placed over the freeway to build a bridge. Off-ramp from freeway to the bridge and on-ramp from the bridge to the freeway are constructed. Cement slabs are used to build a platform.


What is the basic difference in absorption, adsorption, and sorption?

Absorption refers to the phenomenon where an atom, molecule or ions enter any bulk phase like gas, solid or liquid. Absorption refers to the phenomenon where energy of photon is transferred to other entity.

Adsorption is similar to absorption. It refers to the surface rather than a volume. Adsorption takes place when the gas or liquid solute accumulates on the surface of solid. A substance diffuses in liquid or solid to form a solution.  


Difference between routine maintenance and major maintenance for school facilities:  

Routine maintenance is handling the minor repairs of the school campus. Major maintenance can be total reconstruction or renovation of the school.


What is soil analysis?

Soil analysis is the testing of soil to determine the nutritional and elemental composition of soil. It is generally tested for knowing the contents of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.  


State the building codes.

These codes are the set of specifications to ensure the safety associated with any building construction. These codes are associated with the height, spacing, and installation of the building. These codes play an important role in vacating the building in case of any emergency situations.

From these interview questions, you will get an idea of the questions interviewer can ask you in the civil engineering position interview. Refer to some more sample questions here and revise all the answers carefully.

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